ticket to london
in which two travelling 19-year-olds rent a flat in london.
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London; Mind the Gap 


Alrighty! We’ve settled in so here comes my picture-heavy post!!

Be warned. 


After an 8 hour flight with a connection in Iceland, the plane dipped sideways for a moment and this is what I saw:

I know. 

SO we landed in London yesterday after a day and a half with no sleep, breezed through customs (not that I was expecting difficulty, we’re just two kids on our gap year), only to find the baggage guys broke the wheel off of my suitcase. Bummer. Hailed a black cab (like the kind Stephen Fry drives!) to our never-before-seen temporary flat in Woodford. 

Aaaand the flat was adorable. 

Even better is my room. 

Light and airy, with THIS view at night:

And the neighbourhood is English as ever.

So after a good 15 hour nap we hopped on the tube and headed to Oxford Circus (intent on just staying in that area to shop).

But started walking quite a bit.. and ended up…

Yeahhh… my feet are dead but I still can’t believe I saw half of the things I saw today. This is going to be an awesome vacation.

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Just an update! We’re leaving in just under two weeks and this blog will light up like chrismas lights!! Look forward to the adventure ahead!

x kirsten

Travel Blog: FAQ 

This blog is in it’s preparation stages, BUTTT:

This fall one of my best friends and I are moving from our home on the east coast of Canada to London, England for several months. Purely for adventure. We’re going to backpack Scotland, Ireland, Paris, and hopefully a zillion other beautifully brilliant bits of Europe. 

I, Kirsten, will write my posts in bold. 

And Jenny will write hers in italics. 

Just two 19-year -olds, up to shenanigans, with a flat and a blog. 

Stay bloody tuned. It’s going to be an absolute riot.